Paul Ricard - we are waiting for the final!

The Porsche Carrera Cup France came to its end. That was the season to have pleased the fans with the spectacular competition of the "major league" – the defending champion of France Julien Andlauer and the Tsunami RT Centro Porsche Padova driver Alessio Rovera. The last round with two races lies ahead.


Imola. Final with aftertaste

 Plots of most races resemble the tracks where they take place. Vivacious and energetic beginning of the weekend is a start. Unexpected problems that happen sometimes are a jam in the first turn. Controllable difficulties are groups of turns. A smooth running of a weekend is a finishing line. The rest is clear: either champagne on the podium or a blamestorming and an object lesson.


Imola. It will be a glorious hunt!

In whatever way the plot of the PCCI final round twists, it will be a glorious hunt!


PCCF 2017 rulesPCCI 2017 rules

Weekend with Tsunami RT