Monza again: one more final

After the brilliant final of GT Cup Open Europe series the Tsunami RT team goes to... Have another guess coming: it does not go anywhere. We stay in Monza, because it is the place where to dot the i's and cross the t's in Porsche Carrera Cup Italia 2019 season in the upcoming weekend.


Monza. Monza... Monza! Something about punctuation marks

If there was no race in Monza, it should have been invented. All the adrenaline the viewers could dream about was abundantly spilled in the air during the final GT Cup Open Europe round.


Monza: the first final of the new series

Is it really the final already?! They say that somebody else's children grow up very fast, but the racing series grow up and become mature fast too. GT Cup Open Europe that has first appeared this year is already getting prepared for the final race. There is no place better than Monza to entrench oneself as a legend!


GT Open Cup Europe

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