Porsche Carrera Cup Italia at Imola - welcome to San Marino!

Solve the riddle: built for motorcyclists, loved by racing car drivers, "home sweet home" for Tsunami RT, and everyone here drives in another direction... Right you are: this is the International Circuit "Enzo and Dino Ferrari" in Imola! And we are heading there for the third Porsche Carrera Cup Italia round!


Spa Francorchamps – work for the future

In pictural art, any composition consists of various layouts: foreground, middle ground, distant view... If we consider GT Cup Open as a design (and it is true!), the viewer's attention will be shifting from foreground details to distant perspective and back. The picture we get will be completed, extensional and bright. That is the result we are striving for.


Spa Francorchamps. We are heading to GT Cup!

GT Cup Open Europe round in Belgium will become the first summer race for Tsunami RT this year. Who is going with us?!


GT Open Cup Europe

Weekend with Tsunami RT