By: Irina Boyarskaya
Photo: Akis Temperidis


The first weekend of the racing season is like a first night of a new concert program. The actors know their roles word-perfect, the workers of the scene, lighters, costumiers and face painters are completely ready, but when the stands begin to fill out with the viewers, the excitement is the highest. How the public will react to a new show, which scales and staginess are not less than those of the best world concerts.

The spring, having been late to come, finally reached Imola, warmed the fans with the sun and brought the positive mood for the whole weekend. After the good free practices on Friday, the drivers participated in the qualification rounds of Saturday.


Here we meet Riccardo Pera for the first time, and, as we see from his performance, we will see him in our coverage often as far as in the leading group on the track. The 17-year-old driver came to the motor racing from karting recently, and showed the best time. Alessio Rovera had only 26 hundredths of a second less because of the mistake in the Tamburello turn, but did not give a possibility to override him, and the Tsunami RT car started from the first row.


Carlo and Lino Curti used their qualification time at their maximum, having driven the maximum number of laps and locating one after other before the end of the peloton. «Мне надо больше ездитьI need to drive more!» - they resumed unanimously. So, they will have the possibility, having the car, the competitors and the circuit... and here is the starting light! The first race of the season starts!



Summary of the Saturday show

The first episode. The spectacular flow off the track by Gianmarco Cuarsemini. "Escape turn" and the finish with the rear part of the car in the fence. The viewers were excited, but Gianmarco himself – on the contrary: the race ended for him at this moment.

The episode "Get out of me". Alessio Rovera caught hold of Riccardo Pera. Pera was faster on cold wheels, but he had no possibility to have some rest: it is not so simple to get rid of Rovera!

The episode "We are together". Another undivided duet – Daniele Cazzaniga and Jonathan Jackon – also demonstrates the miracles of attack and defense.

The solo episode "Flight into the fence" by Livio Selva.

Then the guest star appears – the safety car. This classic episode with the round dance is included in the concert program in request of other participants of the show. Each movement is strictly regulated with the traditions, the ceremony round dance symbolizes majesty and impromptness of life.

The episode "Override with Doberman". Enrico Fulgenzi who calls himself Doberman attacks Jonathan Jackon but it is not the former to override Jackon, but Daniele Cazzaniga.

The episode "Visit to friends". Alex De Giacomi crosses the pit lane greeting the mechanics of his team.

The episode "Lady, let me introduce myself". The polite attempts of Lino Curti to overrun Francesca Linossi. At the end of the episode the girl watches attentively Lino driving further and further ahead. It is a very affecting scene.

And during the whole show the foreground presents us the pompous "Duel for the victory". First time on the stage. Starring: Alessio Rovera and Riccardo Pera. In this episode the actors reach the utmost synchronization at the very final having driven under the finish flags with the difference of 0.589 of a second.

Intermission. Those who want may go to the concession stand and douche each other with the campaign.

It is the first cup of Tsunami RT season of 2017. And Alessio Rovera got an additional qualification point for the best lap.

Porsche Carrera Cup Italia 2017, round 1, Imola
Race 1

1. PERA Riccardo (Ebimotors) 15 laps
2. ROVERA Alessio (Tsunami RT) +0.589
3. CAZZANIGA Daniele (Ghinzani Arco Motorsport) +4.162
11. CURTI Lino (Tsunami RT) +27.949
12. CURTI Carlo (Tsunami RT) +31.699
16. WALTER BEN (Bonaldi Motorsport) +58.863

Talks on the backstage

Alessio Rovera (#12): "It was a battled race and with no problems. It was a nice battle because it is very difficult to overtake at Imola and ABS helped on that - It would have been tougher without. I did a good start but I think in the first laps - while tyre pressure il still low - they were faster. And we seemed to be faster with higher tyre pressure, towards the end of the race. The fight was clean, despite some zig zags from Pera but it was normal".

Lino Curti (#81): "The first race of the amazing, fantastic championship! I started from p16, did a good start and tried to keep a good pace through the whole race. I finished 11th and hope that tomorrow I can do something better".

Carlo Curti (#18): "I'm happy with the finish but not totally satisfied with my performance. The car was perfect and I – well, I know what to do on the second race. I'm still far but improving!"

Second act. Sunday morning

To demonstrate a more spectacular show, the six participants beloved by the yesterday audience start in the reverse order.

The Sunday show is opened by the episode of "Let me pass" by Alessio Rovera who jumped from the fifth position to the third at once.

The episode "Together again". It is performed by the yesterday duet – Lino Curti and Francesca Linossi who drives not only on the track but tries to climb on Lino's car from the side with the two wheels. The two artists make a bow at the end and go to replace the wheels.

The episode "You were not even here". Enrico Fulgenzi and Alessio Rovera overrun Stefano Zanini and become the leaders of the peloton.


The episode "OK, I go to the mechanics then". Stefano Zanini was penalized with the pit lane crossing for the incorrect positioning on the start.

Then the complex episode with many plans comes. The duet of Fulgenzi and Rovera is starring, Cazzanigi presents his solo some distance behind, and in the rear part there is a corps-de-ballet of five drivers actively exchanging their positions and entertaining the viewers by all means.

And then the improvisation of the gearbox on Alessio Rovera's car is included in the concert program. He starts to lose the speed fast. 268 km/h... 261... 243... There are 7 minutes plus one lap till the end of the race. Will Alessio Rovera be able to reach the finish?

The episode of "Close hugs", the viewers' favorite, was performed encore by Gans-Peter Coller and Gianmarco Cuarsemini. At this, Cuarsemini's car was changing its geometry several times, but continued its way.

The stubborn Alessio Rovera continued his driving, however, his speed reduced till 180 km/h. By the way, think about this number. Have you ever tried to drive on a highway with such a speed? Yes, we mean a straight one. Can you imagine the feelings? And now think how all this company of drivers manages to do it on the curvy racing circuit... And now (be attentive, here is a bonus!) increase the speed up to 260 km/h and more in your thoughts... Perfect. Take the handkerchief with your shaky hands, dry your sweat and watch the finish of the race in Imola.

Alessio Rovera, by the way, managed to reach the finish! Moreover, nobody could have the better lap, so the stubborn driver got one more qualification point.

Carlo Curti also has the first point in his collection, congratulations with his debut! Lino Curti is also on the finish – all the three Tsunami RT drivers were great this day!


Porsche Carrera Cup Italia 2017, round 1, Imola
Race 2

1. FULGENZI Enrico (Ghinzani Arco Motorsport) 17 laps
2. CAZZANIGA Daniele (Ghinzani Arco Motorsport) +3.030
3. PERA Riccardo (Ebimotors) +18.852
10. CURTI Carlo (Tsunami RT) +52.935
12. ROVERA Alessio (Tsunami RT) +1'23.870
16. CURTI Lino (Tsunami RT) +3 laps

Alessio Rovera (#12): "The car was good, I was going very well and expected to win but this race went with some bad luck. We are not so sure but I think it's a gearbox. The only positive thing was that I did the best lap... Oh, no, not the only one. Also the car was good and I'm happy about it too. But I still drove to the finish in spite of the problem. You see, somebody could retire and that would make my position higher so I wanted to finish this race".

Lino Curti (#81): "A fantastic race! On the start I crashed with another car – Francesca Linossi hit my wheel and the tyre exploded. So I had to change the wheel and after the restart I had a really nice pace: I drove one second faster than my yesterday's time! Without the problem I'm sure I would finish in the top-10. Well... Next time, in Misano!"

Carlo Curti (#18): "I'm happy with my place on the finish but not with my speed. I didn't improve my lap time and that makes me a little upset, feel the lack of confidence. But the place was good. Did I gain points for it? Yes, really? Well, that's very good. I can't wait till Misano to start again!"


The concert is over, the applauses are not heard anymore, but the excitement of the first night is not so simple to get over with. That is why our idols of the public need to go to Misano as soon as possible. The show had success, and the road tour goes on. At the end of it, we have not shown you the signature move of Tsunami RT – the rising on the top of the prize podium. We are making our rehearsals already and will present it to you soon. As soon as we can.