Our driver Alessio Rovera made a driving lesson for kids.

In a Varese school, the pupils were asked about the professions of their dream, and then professionals were invited to the school to tell the kids about their jobs. So it's quite natural that in response to one boy's dream to be a racing driver, Alessio Rovera was chosen as a successful and talented example of this profession.


Alessio Rovera

: "It was a very exciting experience. It's so nice that kids are interested in motorsport, and that it was me to tell them about it. Centro Porsche Lugano provided us with a car and we had much fun on the parking, accelerating and braking. The kids at first were shy, but then relaxed and enjoyed it a lot.

I hope that some day we will repeat such an event. Two or three kids made up their minds to go in for racing. But to tell you the truth, the profession of a policeman was much more popular. Nevertheless, if I were the kid, after such a day I would dream of becoming a racing driver... Once again!"

Well, if we were the kids, we would decide to make a racing team. And to call it Tsunami!