In pictural art, any composition consists of various layouts: foreground, middle ground, distant view... If we consider GT Cup Open as a design (and it is true!), the viewer's attention will be shifting from foreground details to distant perspective and back. The picture we get will be completed, extensional and bright. That is the result we are striving for.


Foreground. Characters and details.

Brothers Lino and Carlo Curti are the endless source of positive. Fast and energetic, they perfectly combine passion and solicitous attitude to their car and to competitors. For Lino and Carlo it is important not just to overrun, but do it faultlessly and in style, not to mess up a race for themselves, other drivers and viewers. And here they are, with their patented smiles, when it is hard not to smile them back...

It is what Curti brothers are loved for.

It is dull in Spa. In keeping with the best traditions of this circuit, the rain starts... in some turns! It is raining in 5th, 12th and 14th turns, and it is not in the other turns! Let us add elevation changes and we will get the track the drivers of various racing series have been relishing for 99 years already...

It is what Spa is loved for.

The team works professionally, accurately and in unison. Perfection is in detail. Every nuance is important, every trifle matters. Trifles result in seconds, seconds result in success.

It is what Tsunami RT is loved for.





Middle ground. Process and result.

It is the middle ground of our masterpiece that we esteem watching the race. When the cars are approaching the start line after the warm-up lap, we can literally hear how the drivers' hearts are beating, how their blood is hammering in the ears, how the tension is increasing that is about to splash out when the accelerator will be pushed... Start!

Both races, those of Saturday and of Sunday, are similar with the show performed on the track by Curti brothers. As our fans know, we appreciate elegant overruns a lot, and it is special pleasure to watch the competition that Lino and Carlo are imposing on their rivals. Beautifully and elegantly, without brutality and show-off, Tsunami RT drivers are tracing the trajectories that will compose the middle plan of the Spa weekend picture...

The result is two silver podiums in Pro-Am classification. Are the drivers satisfied?


Lino Curti: "It has been great battle, I gained couple of positions avoding to hurt me and the other two Porsches! Thanks to all the team to give us a great car!"


Carlo Curti: "I didn't feel very fast today ... I just managed the position Lino gained doing a very good job but lap times weren't very satisfying... Looking for tomorrow to get more into the race!"






Carlo Curti: "Finally I found the right feeling and I had a lot of fun today!.. I found a good race pitch since the first laps, not easy takeovers but a very fun one on the Maclaren! Good points for the championship. Thanks to the team for the great work of all the weekend".







Distant view. Tints and perspectives.

The main, really important, thing is lurking in blurred tones of the distant view, in the aerial perspective of the season for the moment. Classification points. Lino and Carlo Curti will return from Spa Francorchamps not as they were before... This status is a novelty for both of them (of course, as GT Cup Open Europe is a new racing series!). Tsunami RT drivers are leading the tournament race of Pro-Am classification now!




It is the main thing worth to strive for by the characters of the foreground... through bright and vibrant middle plan... to the distant view. The goal is victory. Accommodating themselves to be the leaders. Tsunami RT knows how to do it!