The first summer weekend is the best time to really come in on the racing schedule, actually, to dive there in headfirst.


Two rounds at a time are waiting for us in Misano, at Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli track.



Misano World Circuit Marco SimoncelliMisano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli
Built: 1969
Opened: 1972
Last modified: 2006
Lap length: 4.064 km
Direction: clockwise
Turns: 16
Best lap time: 1:33.918 (Casey Stoner, Ducati, 2007)





It is pretty much a home track for Tsunami RT, as, despite our Odesa origins, our boxes are located in San-Marino. It is not the easiest track, it was specially reconstructed for the major motorcycle racing series, so the curbs are very low here, and the penalties for trajectory cutting in a turn are very frequent.



So, our five drivers on four cars should be extremely attentive: brothers Carlo and Lino Curti will participate in the Italian Campionato GT Sprint, and Gianmarco Quaresmini, Giammarco Levorato and Alex De Giacomi will open the racing season with Porsche Carrera Cup Italia.


Let us make the detailed schedule of the weekend not to miss any interesting events.


11:05 AM and 3:55 PM – free practices for Campionato GT Sprint (local time everywhere)
9:00 PM – free practices for PCCI


10:20 AM and 10:45 AM – two qualifications of Campionato GT Sprint
11:10 AM and 11:45 AM – two segments of PCCI qualifications
6:20 PM – the first race of Campionato GT Sprint (50 minutes plus 1 lap)
9:30 PM – the first race of PCCI (28 minutes plus 1 lap)


1:20 PM – the second race of PCCI (28 minutes plus 1 lap)
3:10 PM – the second race of Campionato GT Sprint (50 minutes plus 1 lap)


Now we are sure that you will not miss anything, dear fans!



As usually, all our news will be available on our Facebook page, where our drivers share their impressions with pleasure.

See you! It will be an excellent weekend!