Tsunami RT team wishes you happy New Year!

The warmest words and the best wishes for our friends!

 I.Kolomeitseva Irina Kolomeytseva, team founder:
I wish everybody smiles, drive, positive thinking, sincere friends by your side and peace! And also I wish you never stop dreaming! Because dreams come true! Love and welfare to everybody!
 O.Gaidai Oleksandr Gaidai, driver of the team:
I want to wish you peace and welfare, stay human and discrete in our world of total lie. Not rest on your oars and believe in miracles!

Stelios Fakalis, administrative director:
My best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a 2015 as good as you wish!

 V.Timanovsky Vitalii Timanovskii, mechanic:
I want to congratulate all our friends and wish them to stumble, to fall down and to cry...
But to stumble on money, fall down in hugs, to cry with happiness! Be happy!
 V.Teslenko N.Galkina Natalyia Galkina and Volodymyr Teslenko, managers:
Let everyone find happiness for own family, health and love under the Christmas tree. And let the wish made in this magic night come true!
A.Temperidis Akis Temperidis, Press officer and photographer:
Racing is a great lesson of life. It is full of wonderful moments and less wonderful ones. Sometimes is dangerous and can be painful. For a racer all these moments are unforgettable, they make him grow and give him an exciting life. From the bottom of our hearts we wish you to live 2015 like real racers!
 I.Boyarskaya A.Lesnikov Irina Boyarskaya and Alexander Lesnikov, media service:
Let the new year give you a well-deserved happiness and surprising joy, achieving your aims and dreams coming true, kind smiles and good deeds!