Tsunami RT celebrates its 10th anniversary this year! It seems incredible, but it is really so! That is why we decided to start the year 2017 with the conversation with Irina Kolomeitseva, sportswoman from Odesa, who had the idea to create a racing team 10 years ago.

No, it was not a temporary toy of a business lady. The purposeful and ambitious woman from Odesa kept presenting new tasks to herself and to the team, she pointed the next mountain which snowy peak was hidden somewhere in the clouds, and said that it was their goal. And Tsunami RT conquered that peak too and proceeded to the next one with pleasure.

"Pleasure" is a key word here. When you love your job, it is not a job anymore. And a hobby on such a professional level is not definitely a hobby. So, we prefer to say that Tsunami is just the way of life. And each team member is proud of his or her way of life... even without getting enough sleep sometimes! Isn't it a miracle?!

So, we start the season of 2017 with the conversation with the Tsunami RT director Irina Kolomeitseva. It is in our classic style - 10 questions about 10 years in motor sports.




1. 10 years ago, when you were creating the Tsunami team, how did you see it in 10 years?

I. K.: I could not remember it in detail. But if I judge from my actual view of life, it has not been changed a lot, I saw it successful and developing every minute, because only the progress gives us the possibility to achieve something.

In general, I am a person that does not make far-reaching plans. I am absorbed by a moment, and at this very moment I want to do the best of the idea that came to my mind. From the point of view of the racing team, a successful, bright and winning team, the team that gives example to many is the best option.

2. What is the main victory within these 10 years?

I. K.: At a global scale, the main victory is that we celebrate our 10th anniversary and improve ourselves from year to year. Despite the difficulties, we have not given up and continue to go up.

And if talking about the sport victories, I would emphasize three moments.

Firstly, it is my victory on the Russian Championship in 2008 when nobody could believe it. It gave me a great incentive to move forward and set myself and the team even more unreal goals and tasks.




Secondly, it is the victory in the team classification of Porsche Carrera Cup Italia in the previous year – we became the first foreign team who won this prestige cup.

And finally – I cannot say that it is very important to me, but a very long-expected one – it is the victory of Côme Ledogar in PCCI in 2016. It is not so significant because I know the worth of this driver, and it was clear from the very beginning that he could make it. But it was a very long-expected victory, and I am sincerely glad for him.



3. What was the most difficult?

I. K.: There is a good phrase: "Choose the labor of love, and you will never have to go to work." So, we were facing some difficulties all the time, but we were always successfully overcoming them.

That is why I cannot point anything as the most difficult challenge. There was no such a situation when I wanted to sink into despair and not to go further. But difficulties are always difficulties... They have always been. And they will always be.

4. What you would not have done as a team director if you had had the current experience?

I. K.: I wouldn't have got attached to some people and would have been more attentive and less trustful. I used to put blind trust to people too often because it seemed to me that everybody thought the same way I did, and it made me roll back. So, my answer is: I would prefer not to meet some people.

5. Which day in the team you would like to live one more time?

I. K. (no pause): Each of them! Each of the days is valuable, it brought experience and taught me a lot. I do not regret anything, and I am happy that each of those days was in my life with this team, and I hope I will have a lot of them within the following years.



6. Give your advice to Irina Kolomeitseva of 10 years before – to the girl who created this racing team.

I. K.: Go your own way and not to be very enthusiastic about people

7. What are three main principles on which the Tsunami RT is based on?

I. K.: Honesty. Look in the same direction. And support.

8. Can you share how it feels – to work in the team with your husband?

I. K.: It is very hard (laughing). Because, when you have a lot to do, you want to come home and immerse in your meditation, and when you work together, business affairs often go home with you.

But from the other hand it facilitates a lot of processes – you analyze a lot of things deeper, understand the processes better.

Often we see things differently. However, when you have a person you can completely trust by your side, you can see another point of view from the person who definitely wants the same as you do, and correct your actions if you have any doubts.

From the other hand, you cannot apply to your husband all of the rules you apply to the whole team. And that is a big problem.



9. What haven't you done yet within these 10 years?

I. K. A lot! To make the team better, more successful, to make people stronger as team players.

10. How do you see Tsunami RT in 10 years?

I. K.: I want to begin our interview in 10 years with the following words: "I did it!" There is no word "impossible" for me. I do not know what will come to my mind in 5 years, where I will lead the team, but I am sure that it will be something really thrilling. And I want very much to tell to myself in 10 years: "Shoot! I did it!"



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