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Sorry, Imola track has an anti-clockwise direction, and we have not switched to the usual scheme yet.
Like we said,
if there had been no Imola, it should have been invented.



If there had been no Imola, Porsche Carrera Cup drivers would not have gathered and participated in the qualification. So, our driver Bashar Mardini would not have won the pole position in his class!

Truth be told, there would not have been the Rivazza turn, and Gianmarco Quaresmini would not have made a mistake there and would not have found himself on the sixth position of the starting grid... On the other hand, where would we have been looking for this grid, if there had been no Imola?..


#32 Gianmarco Quaresmini: "The car was fantastic, like yesterday, nut I made a big mistake on the last sector, at Rivazza turn, so I lost a lot of positions. But for me it's possible to recover a lot in the race and to finish on the podium, as the car is very fast".


#89 Bashar Mardini: "It was a great session. We finished 1.0s from pole, in p11 overall and 1st in michelin. 0.1s would have put us in p8! Car was great and I enjoyed myself. Now we need to have a clean race and try to score the maximum points"




If there had been no Imola, you would not have seen a spectacular competition of the top-6. Let us be fair: the pole man David Fumanelli just drove away as fast as possible from all this noisy crew. However, Simone Iaquinta and Stefano Monaco, for example, threw a stunning show fighting for the second position (Iaquinta got it in the end). Marco Galassi pushed Diego Locanto off the track and was so disappointed that he fell out himself (Diego made the finish, by the way).



Gianmarco Quaresmini locked horns a bit and ended up with a contact with Aldo Festante on the second lap. It hurt the feelings of Gianmarco’s Porsche, and the letter answered with a vibration our driver had to fight with along the whole distance.

Bashar Mardini competed with the Pro division drivers, as his competitors in Michelin Cup could not catch him up anyway. However, the Canadian driver kept away from risky moves: the uncovered gestalt in Misano was enough!


A safety car also appeared on the track to welcome Risto Vukov who had dug into the gravel almost to up to the mirrors. However, the finish was in the “battle” mode. Gianmarco Quaresmini finished on the sixth position having held the damaged car on the track and got the pole position for the Sunday morning.

Bashar Mardini was celebrating the victory in Michelin Cup!


#32 Gianmarco Quaresmini: “I tried to do my best from the start till the end. During the second lap I had a contact with Festante, and I think I had some damage in the front, because I had a lot of vibration. But I tried to push and I finished the race in p6. So tomorrow I’ll start from the pole, or from p2 in case if Fumanelli gets a penalty for the restart of the race 1. But starting from the first row is not bad anyway. For me was really difficult to hold control of the car after that contact because of the vibration. Without this problem I think my pace can be really great. So I’m very motivated for tomorrow’s race!”


#89 Bashar Mardini: “The race was very nice, I had a normal start and then a very good first half of the race, fighting with pro-drivers. Then I gave one position, but that was okay, he was not my target. And the last several laps were very quiet and easy, I just finished on the 1st place in Michelin Cup. And now all I have to do tomorrow - to take the maximum points again and leave Imola after a perfect weekend”.




If there had been no Imola, we would have just undistinguishedly slept through the last Sunday of this summer. In such a case we would not have seen a perfect start of Gianmarco that did not let the competitors dreaming about the podium to approach; the U-turn of Leonardo Caglioni; the competition of Simone Iaquinta and Alberto Cerchi for the second position; as Bashar Mardini was driving towards his second victory at his pace, quickly, effectively and promptly...


It is enough to say that if there had been no Imola, where our drivers would have raise up their golden cups for the victory in the overall classification and in Michelin Cup?!




#32 Gianmarco Quaresmini: "I'm so happy for the result! The car today was fantastic, we used a different setup, and the car was even better. I pushed all the race, and this win for me is very important, because now I'm in the second position in the championship with a very small gap, so in the next race in Vallelunga it will be possible to fight for the leadership".


#89 Bashar Mardini: "The second race went very well even though the track was not completely dry, there were some wet parts and we had to be careful. But everything went well, we had a good start, during the first couple of laps we were under pressure from Emil Scaras, but then I got my concentration and just drove away. And in the end I was alone! The laps were fine, the car was amazing as usual, and we got another win. So for now we have 4 wins in 6 races. It was a perfect weekend: we were the first in FP, won a pole position in my class, won race 1, won race 2 - cannot ask for more! And of course another top 10 is amazing result! Now we look forward for Vallelunga and hope to repeat!"




Taken all round, if there had been no Imola, it should have been invented. We did not invent anything and told you the whole truth,
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No matter which way you read.