The driver Gianmarco Quaresmini has been doing his morning exercises every day, has been studying onboards from Vallelunga circuit and humming the Italian anthem in a low tone.

At the same time, Tsunami RT drivers ate 8 pizzas, lost a nut, played four chess games and one strip poker.




At the same time, the driver Bashar Mardini was flying from the Western hemisphere, was tested in Dubai and had another trip to Italy. He could not get to Rome from the first attempt, disembarked in Milan, was tested to COVID in Bologna (not Rome again, what of it?!), drove 500 km to Vallelunga (he finally reached his destination!) and revealed that it was Friday already, and free practices would start in half an hour.


In general, Bashar was half-awake on the practices and was dreaming only to make it up to his bed. Gianmarco Quaresmini was a can carrier.


#32 Gianmarco Quaresmini: "I'm very happy for the result of FP, because I had the only set of tyres for 30 km, not new, and I finish in p2 that is a very good result. The first guy, Enrico Fulgenzi, had new tyres, so for tomorrow it's possible to push for pole position. I'm very happy with the car and with all the team".


There was a noisy scandal on Saturday morning in the celestial chancellery between those who wanted to turn on a rain above the Vallelunga circuit and those who considered Italy to be a sunny country. It was a hard decision, so lowering clouds were hanging over Vallelunga, and the race director gave umbrellas to the grid girls.


At the same time, Gianmarco Quaresmini started his fast lap in the qualification, made a small mistake when braking, this caused him to slow down, and the young Italian got the second result in the qualification.

At the same time, vivacious Bashar Mardini who had got enough sleep was happy to twist laps dreaming of the qualification lasting an hour and a half to drive as much as he wanted.



#32 Gianmarco Quaresmini: "P2 is obviously not the pole position, but the gap between me and the poleman Aldo Festante AL51 is only 0.1". During my lap i made a little mistake at the breaking point that cost me time. Without it I think I could be on the pole. So I'm happy. In the race 1 I'll try to pass my rival immediately and take my pace staying in the front. Thanks to the team, you guys are always fantastic, and the setup is amazing!"


#89 Bashar Mardini: "Qualifying was much better than free practice, I was able to incorporate everything from the data analysis and prepared well. If we had more time and more attempts we could have improved further! But, pole in Michelin is the priority and winning this afternoon is the goal. It will be a hard race and Pastorelli and Randazzo are close behind".


The starting signal light above the starting grid in Vallelunga was switched off on Saturday afternoon.
At the same time, Gianmarco Quaresmini gained the first position with an imperceptible move.
At the same time, Tsunami RT observer was rewinding the video to the start moment again and again trying to understand how Gianmarco managed to do this.
At the same time, the pole man Aldo Festante was dreaming of it too, but he had not any time to think, as his competitors were reaching him.



On Saturday the first cars on the peloton were so far away from each other that it became clear that those 6 would finish in the same order without a safety car.
At the same time, Bashar Mardini attacked Giovanni Alto from the professionals classification wondering what was the Canadian doing. Bashar was entertaining, as he gave no possibility for his competitors in Michelin Cup to reach him.


On Saturday, four minutes to the finish of the race, Emil Sarkas who was planning to win the bronze medal suddenly saw Enrico Fulgenzi in the side mirror, but the latter seemed to be far behind. Fulgenzi took the third position in a second.
At the same timeб viewers who were afraid that there would be no intrigue in the race, were happily applauding.
At the same timeб Gianmarco Quaresmini was driving somewhere far ahead in splendid solitude.



On Saturday, in fifteen minutes after hugs (on the safe distance), the Tsunami RT drivers Bashar Mardini and Gianmarco Quaresmini reached the highest step of the prizing podium in turn.

At the same time Porsche Carrera Cup Italia fans were setting their alarms in advance not to miss the Sunday race where the top-6 would start in the reverse order.


#32 Gianmarco Quaresmini: "I'm so happy with today's victory! I made a very good start and immediately reached p1. i had a very fast pace, so I won the race with a big gap - 7 seconds! For the race of tomorrow we start from p6 and the strategy for tomorrow is make a very good start. The goal for me is to immediately pass two rivals at the start, it's possible if I make a very good pass like today and the goal for tomorrow is a podium. For me it will be possible. The car today was amazing again, thanks to all Tsunami team!"



On Sunday morning the celestial chancellery was proceeding with the debates of yesterday. Supporters of various climatic vagaries were yelling so loud that people in Vallelunga paddocks heard it like distant thunderpeals somewhere on the horizon.
At the same timeб the signal light on the starting grid was switched off again.

In ten seconds Gianmarco Quaresmini moved from the sixth to the third position.
At the same time the competitors were trying to understand how he could skip the fifth and the fourth positions. Was it somehow possible?



On Sunday, 10 minutes before the finish, the top-3 of the peloton looked as follows: Simone Iaquinta, Enrico Fulgenzi, Gianmarco Quaresmini. Everything would have ended peacefully if Fulgenzi had not attempted to attack thriving to win the leading position. Iaquinta covered himself and made Fulgenzi make a turn on the outer radius, and at that moment Quaresmini got through to the second position having thanked for the favor.

At the same time Tsunami RT observer spilled hot tea on herself, but those are nuances.



On Sunday, 4 minutes before the finish, Simone Iaquinta and Gianmarco Quaresmini were entertaining in the competition for the leading position: our driver was attacking, and Simone was defending himself.
At the same time, the whole company reached the lap driver. He brought new blood into the race, as he put a crimp in Quarsemini’s attack, and Fulgenzi got through to the second position again at that moment having thanked for the favor.

At the same time, all the Italian viewers recalled French and exclaimed “Deja vu!”
At the same time, the Tsunami RT team recalled some other language and said something emotionally, but we could not remember what exactly it was.



On Sunday Gianmarco Quaresmini was douching with prizing champagne on the third step of the podium, and Bashar Mardini was on top again!



#89 Bashar Mardini: "The weekend was indeed perfect! The race today started scary, there was rain and we were worried about the track condition. But then the sun came out and the race was really good, the car was so fast and we were really with the pros in terms of speed. We extend our lead in the championship and I am very happy".




The celestial chancellery finally reached a compromise at the moment, and an autumn Italian rain began over the tropical jungle at the Amazon River delta.