Success in motor sports, as every racer will tell you in a serious interview, is a lot of work, moderation, character, other pompous yada yada yada you already know... And a bit of luck.



Tsunami RT has gathered wits, looked at everything and taken the roll-call.
- Professionalism!
Closets with cups: - Here we are!
- Gifted hands!
Mechanics (stretching their arms forward): - Washed!
- Megamind!
Engineer (setting up the program fixedly): - Please do not distract me!
- Ma...
Management: - Always ready!
- Let us finish the phrase... Drivers!
Gianmarco Quaresmini: - Pronto!
Bashar Mardini: - Yes!
- Fortune!
Racing fortune, pensively: - I have not decided anything yet. Let me see...



It loves us!
Certainly, the fact that Porsche Carrera Cup Italia-2020 final round was held, could be considered as luckiness. Free practices were also going over big. Everybody tries to drive as much as possible: nobody knows what restrictions we expect in future...


#32 Gianmarco Quaresmini: "My feeling is very good, the car was really fast. For tomorrow it's possible to fight for the pole position, that will help to recover to the top of the championship!"


#89 Bashar Mardini: "FP was okay, although it's been a long time since I was in Monza. It's not bad, we're p1 in Michelin, but I wish I had more drive, just because it took me a little bit longer to get a feeling of the car. But it's okay. Now we're checking the data so that tomorrow we could be totally ready for the qualifying and then, of course, for the race!" 


It loves us not!
During the qualifications the capricious Fortune turns away unexpectedly, and at that very moment Gianmarco Quaresmini makes a mistake in the third sector. The pole position turns into the seventh position immediately... Hey, Fortune, where are you?



It loves us!
- Here I am – the fortune smiles dazzlingly, just as if nothing had happened. And Bashar Mardini gets the pole position in Michelin Cup!


#89 Bashar Mardini: "The qualifying was excellent for us. We drove 1:50.317 - it's the best lap I have ever driven in my life here. It's also the best lap in Michelin Cup, and we have a big gap from Luca Pastorelli in p2. But overall we are p14, as there is many Pro-drivers this weekend. We had a chance to do a better lap with a second set, but the car #59 crashed heavily in Ascari, so there was a red flag, so we did not have time to do another lap - well, it's normal, it happens here, nothing we can do. So now we concentrate on the race, we'll try to finish in front of our competitors and be one step closer to the championship".



During the race Gianmarco Quaresmini exceeds all expectations: a succession of spectacular (the main thing is, effective!) overruns, and he takes the second position on the finish! Moreover, main competitors will be behind tomorrow!


#32 Gianmarco Quaresmini: "I'm so happy for the result of the race. We started from p7 and finished in p2. For me it's a big step to the victory in the championship, because tomorrow I'll start from p5 in front of my rivals in the championship, so today this success for me was very important. The car was perfect as always, and I drove very fast".


It loves us not!
A jam on the track is somewhere behind! The traffic has already been tense, and the engine of Leonardo Caglioni’s car has stalled just in front of Bashar Mardini!

While Bashar was coming out of this mess, Luca Pastorelli, his main competitor, managed to overrun the former and take the gold in the Saturday race! Bashar gets silver...



It loves us!
Racing fortune in Monza definitely loves viewers! The most exciting events are postponed for tomorrow: two titles, both in the overall classification, and for the gentlemen drivers (Michelin Cup), will be played during the final race on Sunday...





It loves us not!
We’d better not to tell, but we have to. Gianmarco Quaresmini will remember the final without the finish. The talented driver who has been competing for the victory during the whole season, will not even drive under the checkered flag today: just a couple of minutes after the start, something happens in the crowd... to onlookers it can seem only a touch between our driver’s car and the car of one of his competitors. Unfortunately, Porsche No. 32 cannot continue the race and stops still on the road side.

There is the whole competition ahead, but Gianmarco Quaresmini will miss it.


#32 Gianmarco Quaresmini: "Today the luck was not with us: we broke the car during the first laps and I had to retire from the race. To tell you the truth, it's a great frustration for us, but such things happen, it's racing. Thanks to the team Tsunami for all the season, because the car was always perfect".


It loves us!
- Bashar, fire ahead! – we scream looking at the screen. Just in the first turn Mardini who has started the second, shoots ahead. Do you know what happens if Mardini can lead? Bashar’s competitors know it very well: he has won 7 races in this season already, and now is rushing to his eighth victory.


The stubborn racing fortune tries to turn away again, and the safety car appears on the track, turning off all the gaps and advantages... But our driver does not care about it. He is competing for the PCCI champion’s title in Michelin Cup classification!

Maybe, there are people who would waste a chance, but it is not about Bashar! This is the victory, and the second champion’s title in the career of the Canadian driver! Here he is, another driver who has become the champion in Tsunami RT team!


#89 Bashar Mardini: The most important thing I must say is thanks to the team, to mechanics, engineer, team manager for the support and a fantastic car throughout the whole season!





- Fortune!
Racing fortune: - I was a bit capricious, so what? I am a girl, I can afford it! Anyway, you will miss everything so much during the midseason that you will arrive to tests happy, hot-eyed, as real freshers!
- You are right. Motor sports is about love.