Everybody tries to sum up the results of this year as soon as possible, to ring it out, to forget and to look forward to 2021! This year was different, though. It was sad and complicated, but not all of it! Consider it yourselves!



We drove 189 laps and 2617 turns during Porsche Carrera Cup Italia 2020 season. These are 917.7 competition kilometers.
We participated in 12 qualification rounds, 6 racing weekends and 12 races.



The fastest race was in Monza. Not a surprise, as it was the final! The average speed was 188.2 km/h.


The slowest race was Mugello, the ninth race of the season, the drivers could demonstrate the average speed of just 132.3 km/h taking into account the leisured driving behind the safety cars.


The greatest competition distance, 179.6 km, was also driven in Monza. We drove the shortest distance in Misano, 121.9 km.



We brought the most cups from Mugello, from the first PCCI round: two silver cups, two gold cups and two best laps!


Our drivers Gianmarco Quaresmini and Bashar Mardini won 11 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze medals in total. They also got the title of the bronze prize-winner in the overall classification (Quaresmini), the PCCI-2020 champion’s title in Michelin Cup (Mardini) and the second place in the team classification (Tsunami RT).



You know, maybe, 2020 was not the best year... But the season-2020 was definitely very good! The main thing is that we already start to get ready for new races!