The final round of Porsche Carrera Cup Italia 2021 appeared to be so difficult that we were tired even of watching the races and worrying about the drivers! Can you imagine how they were feeling?! On the bright side, we will have what to recall during the midseason.


Porsche Carrera Cup Italia



We arrived for the final with four Porsches: Johannes Zelger who was gaining his experience in the non-pro classification joined Gianmarco Quaresmini, Giammarco Levorato and Alex De Giacomi.


During the qualifying Alex De Giacomi won the pole position in Michelin Cup as usual, and Gianmarco Quaresmini got the place in the first row, the second position of the overall classification.



Gianmarco Quaresmini


#32 Gianmarco Quaresmini: "I'm very happy for the result of the qualifying. It's a good place for a start and I hope to make a very good start today and then keep this good pace throughout the whole race. I'll try to fight for the win and I'm ready as well as all the team that made a great work with the car!"


#33 Giammarco Levorato: "I am quite happy with my result, I made some mistakes in my fastest lap, we could have reached the top 5 but I have high hopes for the race!"


#79 Johannes Zelger: "It’s a pleasure! Today I had a very good feeling, the car was amazing, but I didn’t put together all the sector times loosing some positions an the grid. Anyway it's a fantastic first ever experience and I'm looking forward to the race! Team is fantastic, very professional and nice people".


Here it is, the start of the first of the two final races. And it is raining on the track! By the way, it is the first rainy race of the season. How will the drivers manage it?..


Not everybody will wrest it out, though: the Diego Locanto’s car got thrown out of the track was taken away already on the warm-up lap. The rest of the drivers go to the second warm-up lap.


Here is the start! Gianmarco Quaresmini performs his perfect start cheerily weaving the windshield wipers and takes the leading position. It is more convenient, as there is no water spray from under the wheels of competitors that reduces the visibility, which is already poor.



Gianmarco Quaresmini



A wet track is so difficult to drive on! We see the mistake of Daniele Cazzaniga, his car losing the trajectory, his attempts to retain hold of the car... It is good that there is a cut-off ahead, not a wall!


Alessandro Giardelli is attaching Quaresmini fiercely and overruns our driver regaining the leadership.


Meanwhile, Giammarco Levorato is already on the eighth position.



Giammarco Levorato



Marco Cassara overruns Alex De Giacomi. Leonardo Caglioni’s car makes an unintentional turn. Then Federico Malvestiti fails to control the car having a wall ahead and smashes the front left part of the car.


A safety car is welcomed!


The conditions on the track are so lousy, the visibility is so poor, that the safety car makes us happy. It is clear that we can be happy here, in front of the screens, and the drivers have their adrenaline and throttle pedal to the floor.



Gianmarco Quaresmini



Restart, and Marzio Moretti is attacking Quaresmini fiercely, but our driver can defend himself! The silver podium is waiting for him today!


Meanwhile, the contact with two competitors at a time leaves Giammarco Levorato without a wheel and makes him finish the race earlier than expected.



Giammarco Levorato



Alex De Giacomi is also out of luck, as it is his first race without the podium in Michelin Cup.


On the bright side, Johannes Zelger managed to finish the race under such tough conditions!


Gianmarco Quaresmini won the silver podium in the overall classification as we had promised earlier!



Gianmarco Quaresmini


#32 Gianmarco Quaresmini: "I'm happy! Today for me it was very difficult to drive safe, because we decided to use not completely a wet setup, but the track condition was full wet, so it was not easy to keep the fastest pace, but to keep the car safe. For all the race I tried to defend my position and managed to do it. Tomorrow we will fight like today and I hope to finish with the best possible result. Like always, thanks to all the team!"


#33 Giammarco Levorato: "Unfortunately I had a contact with two drivers and that pushed me off the game. It was my first wet race and the conditions were very difficult. But I am ok and tomorrow i will be able to start and I will give 100%!"



Porsche Carrera Cup Italia



The drivers go to sleep, and we calculate the qualifying points. Everything will be determined during the final race on Sunday both in overall classification and in Michelin Cup. This is the real deal final! It was the all-round adrenaline. Everything as we like.



Porsche Carrera Cup Italia


Here the final race comes. No rain for today, but it is slippery. What a crush on the start!


The race was surprisingly different for our drivers.


Gianmarco Quaresmini was fighting like a lion. It was very spectacular and beautiful... Until a contact with a competitor made Quaresmini fly off the track and finish the race 10 minutes before the finish flag. Can you imagine what a pity it is?



Gianmarco Quaresmini


However, our brave driver wins the bronze in the Championship-2021! Gianmarco, you are amazing!


#32 Gianmarco Quaresmini: "We were very fast, with a very strong pace, but unfortunately a contact with another guy ended my race too early. It's a shame to lose the championship in this way. However, I'm happy for the car, it was so fast. Thanks to all the team for this season! We had a good fight in every race!"


Alex De Giacomi decided to remind his competitors who was the fastest driver of the season and had won the most of the races. He takes the first position in Michelin Cup very fast and finishes as he has started the season, on the highest step of the podium.



Alex De Giacomi



Alex becomes the vice-champion of Michelin Cup in this season. Let us be impartial: we have the prefix “vice-” here only because our driver has missed the whole round because of the birth of his child. Alex, it was worth it! You are amazing!


Johannes Zelger demonstrated astonishing stability and healthy obstinacy. Two starts and two finishes are not everybody can brag about in Monza! Johannes, you are amazing!


#79 Johannes Zelger: "I had a very nice time with Tsunami! The race was difficult, the track very slippery but I had fun anyway".


Actually, this day was the benefit performance of Giammarco Levorato. Having started from the 29th position, our young driver finished... Can you guess it?


On the tenth place! The 18-year-old driver in his first closed-wheel season won the tenth position. He won 19 positions in 28 minutes plus 1 lap! Giammarco, you are amazing! It was really cool!



Giammarco Levorato



#33 Giammarco Levorato: "Starting from the back of the grid is never easy… especially in these conditions. Lap after lap I managed to make up several positions. I want to thank the team for everything they did during the season, a really big family!"



Porsche Carrera Cup Italia



We express congratulations from the bottom of our hearts to Alberto Cerqui and Marco Cassara, the champions-2021 in the overall classification and in Michelin Cup respectively.


Tsunami RT won the bronze in the overall classification and vice-champion's position in Michelin Cup together with the bronze in the team classification this season. As for the cups, we will count them later. There will be significant numbers!



Porsche Carrera Cup Italia



Is the finish the end?


Of course not. The finish of the race is the beginning of the preparation for a new start. We will meet soon: Christmas, spring, daylight saving time, and we are on the track again.


You will never get a chance to miss us, you’ll see!