The second test day in Imola was unexpectedly shortened for our team. The beginning was right as a trivet...


O. Gaidai: "It was raining in the morning, and the track started to dry up from 10 a.m. We were the first to enter the track on slick tires. The track wasn't completely dry, there were many damp places and even puddles somewhere. But I passed the distance very well. When I returned to boxes after 4-5 laps, we were far ahead: I passed the lap in 1:49, and my nearest competitor demonstrated 1:52, the others were 5-7 seconds later.

Than the track started to dry up rather fast. Come Ledogar passed the distance in 1:47, we exchanged again (we used one car today). I had a task to drive three laps. I had 0.2 second better time than the yesterday result of Come on the second lap, by the middle of the track. In Piratella turn, almost in the middle of the track, I pulled up later and accelerated faster. But due to the not smooth action the car went beyond the kerb for half a meter with the right rear wheel to the wet artificial grass. There was also a close fence, so it was easy to perform a "feat" and to completely destroy the body of the car. But things came all right, and I lost of about 0.6 second in that turn and of about 0.2 in the next one. I finished the lap with 1:47.5 time result. And I should have had 1:46.6 – 1:46.7. The virtual pole of the driver who entered the track on the new tires (I hadn't a new set) was 1:46.5.


In the next lap following Acque Minerale turn I felt a strong impact during acceleration and saw the fire from the air duct in the side mirror. The motor immediately faded and I was coasting, without starting the engine, of about two kilometers to the boxes.

There wasn't anything to cause the engine seizure. It just fell apart during the acceleration! We'll bring the engine to the factory, and it's supposed to be exchanged.


Nevertheless, I feel good after the tests. And I liked the today practice. I have a habit to push the accelerator more sharply than it's needed. I have to get rid of it. Now I am concentrated on pushing the accelerator smoothly in every turn, but earlier. When I cope up with it, I will drive faster. It's a small point that saves the parts of a second, but the results are very close to each other in Porsche Cup, so every moment counts.

In general, I feel myself confidently and know that I can drive fast. I have the understanding, the technique, the due level of reflexes. Sometimes I feel lack of theory, but fortunately Com Ledogar, Kevin Estre and Patrick Pele share their experience abundantly and never miss the opportunity to correct, to suggest: do like that, do it faster.


And it happens not only during the practices. Now Come doesn't hide any secrets and nuances of driving, we are a team. I know he drives faster, but it doesn't mean in every turn. In the places where I am faster, he watches and considers what to change in his manner to drive even better."


Our pilots spent the afternoon analyzing telemetry and preparing themselves for the upcoming competitions. And in the meantime the team was transporting the second Porsche to Le Mane: we are to participate the second Porsche Carrera Cup France round on Bugatti track this week.

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