Oh, how attractive is the appearance of the work in a racing team! Let's confess – it's not less wonderful from within. But not to excite too much envy, we decided to tell our readers about the difficulties of such a work.


Oleksandr Gaidai, driver: The most difficult thing is to make yourself not to combine driver's and engineer's job, driver's and mechanic's or driver's and manager's ones.

Vitaly Timanovsky, chief mechanic: The most difficult thing is the huge responsibility. Not only the driver's position in the table depends on your mistake but also his health and even life. I live with such a sensation during the races.

Akis Temperidis, photographer: With various plots of the race the pictures are very similar, generally speaking. And the most difficult thing is to demonstrate something new every time.




Salvatore Genovese, mechanic: There isn't anything difficult, you just do what you must, it's normal!

Côme Ledogar, driver: The most difficult thing is the stress. It's always there even when you are calm. And the stress increases with every race and decreases only in midseason, and you are continuously stressed in the middle of the season.

Irina Kolomeitseva, team director: The circuit racing weekends structure suggests one or two events a day, you come onto the track early in the morning and live it late in the evening. So, the most difficult thing for me is waiting between these two events.

Francesco Mazzoli, team coordinator: The most difficult thing is to be connected all the time to everything that happens: with mechanics, drivers, organizers, referees. And to be ready to solve any issues arisen on our way to the victory at any point.




Gianni Cau, tires and fuel specialist: There aren't any difficulties for me. I am calm, I am absolutely calm. And when you are calm, you can do anything.

Stelios Fakalis, team manager: The most difficult thing is when people don't understand what I do. My task is to make everybody think and act in the same line. A team manager is a maestro of the orchestra.

Irina Boyarskaya, observer: The most difficult thing is not to miss anything, catch and transmit not only the facts but also the atmosphere, the race's sentiment. Thanks to all the team members, especially the drivers who tell me about their feelings and experience after the race instead of having a rest, I can do it. But I am still afraid to miss something when I am talking to my readers.

Nicola Moscatelli, mechanic: The most difficult thing is the continuous stress. We haven't any odd second, we are always near the car, next to the car, under the car...




Nataliya Galkina, team manager: If you love your job, there isn't anything difficult. Even when you are dropping in your tracks, it's a pleasant fatigue. However, there is one really difficult thing: it's waiting for a start.

Alexander Lesnikov, PR-manager: The most difficult thing is to seize the unseizable. To follow everything that happens in the world of motorsports. And estimate, how each event may be interesting for people on the other side of the monitor.

Stephane Casadei, truck driver, tires specialist: Nothing special. If a team is well organized and if you respect the timetable, you have no problem.

Pavel Skoblenko, observer: Maybe, the most difficult task is when you have to find as much information about a driver, a track or a race as possible. And you start to rummage in Internet like a terrier. It's difficult, but interesting.

Marta Gasparin, motorsport manager of Porsche Carrera Cup Italia (she was just passing by and could not but participate in our conversation): You see, motorsports is a mix of various things – people and machines, cars and organization process. The most difficult task is to put everything together and make it work.

Agostino Pedron, chief mechanic: The most difficult thing is to get up in the morning!

Anja Gölz, engineer: Frankly speaking, the greatest difficulty is myself. I think too much!