As we know, one drop of poison infects the whole tun of wine. However, it is true if it is added directly in the tun. If it is somewhere nearby, it will be... our real feeling of the PCCI weekend in Misano.





The beginning was perfect: Alessio Rovera won the pole position (and the first two points of the weekend), at this he confessed that he had played it safe: Marco Simoncelli autodrome is a motorcycle racing track, it has low curbs and it is very easy to leave the track in a turn. However, the marshals keep strict watch of the trajectory adherence and cancel the results because of such errors. That is why our drivers were outlining the turns calligraphically trying to do their best to drive the line... we mean, drive within the track.





Our charming karter, entertainer and everyone's favorite Tommaso Mosca, as usual, surpassed all expectations: he competed in Misano for the first time that did not prevent him from demonstrating the second time result. So, the two Tsunami RT - Centro Porsche Padova cars were adorning the first raw on the starting grid of the Saturday race in Misano. Plus, Alex De Giacomi's car was on the second position among Michelin Cup drivers. It means, there was something to see!





Rovera and Mosca pulled away from the rest of the group just after the start, and De Giacomi tailgated Marco Cassara, the gentlemen driver classification leader. Our driver and Cassara passed the first three turns side by side, after that Alex left the competitor behind. However, after Walter Palazzo had flown off the track, all the gaps with the competitors came to nothing: the safety car appeared on the track.


After the restart Tommaso Mosca continued to forecheck Alessio Rovera, and Bashar Mardini, the leader of the actual Michelin Cup classification, tried to attack Alex De Giacomi, but his lag was just increasing with each lap. The most beautiful competition was for the third position aspired by six drivers. We have not been enjoying the show for long, though: Luca Segu flies off the track, and, hello again, the safety car is back.





The picture is the same after the second restart: Mosca follows Rovera, a crowd of drivers is competing for the third position, De Giacomi demonstrates to his competitors what he can when the hand has already healed, and he can drive at full pace.


Here the race ends, and who is on the podium, he is a clever cookie. What a beauty is on the podium: Alex De Giacomi wins the gold of the Michelin Cup classification, and Alessio Rovera and Tommaso Mosca bring gold and silver for Tsunami RT in the overall classification! It is the perfect option, it does not get better than that! It's a real tun of wine, isn't it?!





#1 Alessio Rovera: "I did a sweating race because Tommaso was always there. I did a good start, but I didn't have an exceptional strategy - we should see the car a bit because with the new chassis the setup is deteriorating in the race and we lose a bit of performance.


I was pushing to create a gap at the beginning, but the car was moving a lot at the rear and I took some risks two-three times, so I couldn't push more. But It was a good race. Tomorrow we have to climb up (from 6th) and stay away of troubles".



Tommaso Mosca



#19 Tommaso Mosca: "My start was fairly good, actually better than the previous four. The team has done a great job, the car was very good but unfortunately the safety cars were an obstacle for a possible overtaking. I was going a little bit faster than him [Alessio], I was sure I could overtake him, but they asked me from the radio to cool down and think about the championship. I am happy".



Alex De Giacomi



#67 Alex De Giacomi: "I did a good start and I quickly overtook Cassarà on the fourth corner, after we did the first three side by side. It's a pity that at the restart from the safety car I put the wheels on the dirty, but I had a good pace in anyway. The car was perfect, the guys have been fantastic, I need to tell them a great thank you!"







Porsche Carrera Cup Italia. Misano. Race 1:

1. #1 ROVERA Alessio (ITA) Tsunami RT 1'36.843
2. #19 MOSCA Tommaso (ITA) Tsunami RT +0.421
3. #17 FULGENZI Enrico (ITA) Ghinzani Arco Motorsport +4.249
10. #67 DE GIACOMI Alex (ITA) Tsunami RT +14.989





Porsche Carrera Cup Italia organizers take a good care not to let the viewers (and participants) be bored in the second racing day. That is what the reverse start rule has been introduced for: the top-6 of the first race of the weekend are located on the starting grid in the reverse order. Thus, the triumphers of yesterday have to make their way up from the 5th or 6th position, and, let me tell you, it is not an easy task.


Rovera overruns two competitors on the start (including Tommaso Mosca), then Mosca wins the position back after Alessio's mistake. Simone Iaquinta leads the peloton, but we do not take him into account anymore: he was penalized with the pit lane crossing for a false start due to which he will be removed from the leading group sooner or later.





Alex De Giacomi is the leader of Michelin Cup again and continues to move up on the raws of the overall classification.


A transient appearance of the safety car did not even muddy the waters after the restart: the competition for each position was already very stiff. Tommaso Mosca overruns Gianmarco Quaresmini having slightly pushed the latter. It does not occur to anybody that it is a key moment of the race, moreover, after Enrico Fulgenzi has completely pushed Quaresmini off the track. On the other hand, Giovani Berton dashes against the fence on his own, and the safety car appears on the track again.


Here it is, a restart three minutes and a half before the finish of the race. Only Enrico Fulgenzi is ahead of our duet of Mosca and Rovera! Mosca is intensely attacking Fulgenzi, but suddenly stops it: he has not given up, he just received information about Fulgenzi's penalization on the radio. Our drivers please us with a winning double again without any risk, but this time Tommaso got the gold, and Alessio – the silver. Alex De Giacomi is unreachable for the competitors in the Michelin Cup classification again!





#1 Alessio Rovera: "I did a good start, I managed to climb two positions - one was Tommaso - and then tried to stay away from troubles because in the second race always drivers are a little bit 'hot'. Then Tommaso passed me in the first corner and then he overtook Quaresmini. After Fulgenzi was penalised, we finished 1-2, which is very good".





#67 Alex De Giacomi: "We did a good start and gained different positions, the car was fantastic - perfect! For a moment I was thinking about sticking with the group of top-6 ahead but then we decided with the team to take care of the championship. I am delighted for the guys in the team, we hope to continue like this. I had the feeling that the car is strong even before but now, since my hand is OK, I can drive it as I should".



Tommaso Mosca



#19 Tommaso Mosca: "It was a good race, great job. right from the start. As for my contact with Quaresmini it is a race incident as I was completely on the inside, probably he didn't see me and we made a contact".





A tun of wine is ready, but we will know that a drop of poison is already nearby only in three hours. Tommaso Mosca is penalized for the contact with Quaresmini and loses the podium. However, the golden cup stays in Tsunami RT having just changed the holder: it is Alessio Rovera now. So, this drop of poison did not reach the tun, but it was close.


Porsche Carrera Cup Italia. Misano. Race 2:

1. #1 ROVERA Alessio (ITA) Tsunami RT 1'37.929
2. #21 BERTONELLI Diego (ITA) Dinamic Motorsport +3.001
3. #18 CAZZANIGA Daniele (ITA) Ghinzani Arco Motorsport +3.166
6P. #19 MOSCA Tommaso (ITA) Tsunami RT +4.647
7. #67 DE GIACOMI Alex (ITA) Tsunami RT +8.090


The weekend in Misano became almost perfect for us. Somebody says that "almost" does not count. Fortunately, everything counts in Porsche Carrera Cup Italia, everything leads to the qualification points and consistent leadership of Tsinami RT. The main goal is to preserve this leadership perfectly safe till the final of the season. We have the best drivers, the best cars, and the best team for this. We will have some rest till the next race in Mugello and will continue with the same pace!




By: Irina Boyarskaya
Photo: Akis Temperidis

Photogallery of 4th Porsche Carrera Cup Italia 2018 round.