It always seems after the vacation that you got snowed under the double amount of work. Sometimes it does not look like that, it is really so! Even if it is the best work in the world, I mean races, it will not be easy to withstand two racing weekends in one calendar weekend. Has it ever happened when Tsunami RT bowed to difficulties?




The French and Italian organizers did not come up with the arrangement and divide the weekend so that the two racing series would not intersect. This weekend the attention of our fans and our team that is going to participate in two competitions will be split between Mugello and Dijon.


Circuit Dijon PrenoisCircuit Dijon Prenois
Open: 1972
Lap length: 3.801 km
Direction: clockwise
Turns: 12
Best lap time: 1:02.985 (Ingo Gerstl, Toro Rosso STR1, 2015)


The Dijon circuit appeared in the PCCF calendar just the last year. It made a surprise to the drivers that had entered the track on the rain tires at once – it turned off a small rain and dried well having made everybody to change tires. That weekend was not the most successful for our team, but Alessio Rovera could get himself very familiar with the track. Now he heads towards it not as a fresher.


However, this role is expecting Tommaso Mosca in Mugello. It will be combined with a chance to press Rovera off the position of the PCCI series leader. Our 18-year-old driver is not afraid of new tracks, but the main duty of gaining qualification points not only for himself but for the team falls on his shoulders in this round.


Autodromo Internazionale del MugelloAutodromo Internazionale del Mugello
Built: 1973
Open: 1974
Lap length: 5.245 km
Direction: clockwise
Turns: 15
Best lap time: 1:34.316 (Gary Hauser, Dallara Renault, 2014)


Of course, Mosca has a reliable and experienced teammate Alex De Giacomi. By the way, it is interesting that this weekend all the three of our drivers are participating in the series where they achieved the second places in their classifications – Rovera in PCCF, Mosca in PCCI, De Giacomi in Michelin Cup. Well, they have a chance to change the situation in the tournament table...



So, let us watch the schedule of this intense double racing weekend. As usual, we indicate local time everywhere.


Free practices in Mugello are on Friday at 3:30 PM. At 5:35 the drivers go to practice in Dijon.


The first qualification in Dijon opens the Saturday morning at 8:30 AM. In an hour, at 9:30 AM, the first qualification segment in Mugello starts, followed by the second one at 10:05 AM.


The first race in Dijon starts on Saturday at 3:35 PM. We will hardly have time to watch the awarding ceremony because we will have to switch to Mugello with the start at 4:20 PM.





On Sunday morning, at 9:00 AM, the participants of the French Cup qualify before the second race in Dijon. Everything is simple for the races of the Italian series: their starting order is defined by the Saturday race, at that the first 6 drivers line up on the starting grid in the reverse order. All this company starts in Mugello at 12:00 PM. At 3:35 PM the second race in Dijon finishes this crazy weekend.


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