They say that it is quite impossible to overrun in Hungaroring track. Is it true? We will check it the next weekend!



Malicious gossip has it that Hungaroring was built in haste, and the track was made of what they had: narrow straight lines, slow turns, dust and dead leaves. The story is not so far from the truth: in 1985, the circuit really was built in 8 months, faster than any other Formula-1 autodrome of that time. The fact was that Bernie Ecclestone wanted to host Formula-1 Grand Prix on the territory of the Soviet bloc so much, and the Soviet leader Brezhnev was opposing to the construction of a circuit in the Soviet Union for a long time, and then he died. So, Bernie directed his eyes to Hungary, and, of course, he rushed to put his lifelong dream into practice. As for the configuration, it was planned differently, but there were underground springs involved that should have been detoured, which added a couple of S-like turn combinations.

The track was reconstructed until then, and the springs were taken under control, and the clumsy chicanes were taken away, so, those who were grumbling about the impossibility of overruns in the Hungarian autodrome, were doing this more like from force of habit. For Tsunami RT Hungaroring is a completely new track and we will familiarize ourselves with it with open arms and smiling, as we always do. We believe it will love our team and our drivers, Lino and Carlo Curti, back!




Lap length 4.381 km.

Direction: clockwise.

Turns: 14.

Let us see the schedule of the third GT Cup Open Europe round in Hungaroring. The drivers will set off for two series of free practices on Friday, at 1:51 PM and at 5:09 PM (Hungarian organizers do not like round numbers on Fridays).

On Saturday the first qualification takes place at 11:15 AM, and the race starts at 4:00 PM (local time, and Hungarian organizers like round numbers on Saturdays).


We will have to get up earlier on Sunday: the second qualification starts already at 9:35 AM, and the race starts at 2:00 PM (local time).

Do not miss the first performance of Tsunami RT in Hungaroring. Follow our news on our Facebook page and enjoy the roar of engines and the spectacular competition!