Hungarian weekend in beat of Csárdás denominated the middle of the GT Cup Open Europe season. Turn on the music... and here we go!



There is always room for changes: this time it was Carlo Curti to open the weekend, not his elder brother Lino, unlike the two previous rounds. Carlo won the third place among the Pro-Am drivers in the qualification. Saturday on Hungaroring was a day of clear sky, the weather forecast had not promised rain, snow or safety car, and the drivers were lining up on the starting grid...

Carlo elegantly overruns Manel Cherqued. Competitors are on the alert too — Juan Vinves goes to visit his mechanics on the pit lane; Marzio Basso would be glad not to go there, but the drive-through penalty obliges... Here we are, Carlo gets the fifth position in the overall classification!


While Lino Curti takes over from his younger brother in the driver's seat, Niki Leutwiler is entertaining viewers with a spectacular turn, and then J.P. Mauro pushes Fernando Fortez off the track (having received the order to pass the pit lane afterwards: the Stewards are on the alert).

A message comes in the last minutes of the race: three crews are penalized – not a drive-through this time, but a time penalization. It is 1 second of penalization that is fatal for Tsunami RT: Lino Curti who has passed fifth under the checkered flag, rolls back to the sixth position in the overall classification and loses the bronze podium in his class...


Carlo Curti: "I'm very happy for the start, it was for sure my best start of the season. Then I'm happy of my pace, it was... Good. Really good".


Lino Curti: "I did a good job, we were just unlucky, because otherwise we'd be on the 5th place overall. We have good hopes for tomorrow".



Race 1 Results

Sunday morning was not definitely successful for Lino: he was only fifth in the Pro-Am qualification and was totally disappointed about it:

Lino Curti: "I'm very upset. Lot of traffic and no feeling with the car in the beginning of the qualifying, best time in the last part of the session where the tyres are not at the best performance anymore... I'm really sorry".


However, the race was going on in the ideal beat of the fast part of Csárdás: Lino reaches the ninth, and then the eighth position in the overall classification... Here he is to attack Tiago Vivacqua, overruns him with a spectacular maneuver and becomes the seventh in the overall classification and the fourth in his class! Vivacqua tries to oppose, but he can only wave to the Tsunami RT driver moving away...

Having taken the baton, Carlo Curti is following his brother's pace and finishes fourth in his class and seventh in the overall classification. Our drivers did all they could!


Carlo Curti: "We are very happy! We have done the maximum we could do today, double P4 is not what we expected before the weekend but we had lot of fun! Thanks to our great team! See you after the holidays!"

Race 2 results

Vacation? What is Carlo talking about? The thing is that GT Cup Open Europe, pushing the pace of the competition to the maximum, as a violinist playing Csárdás, suddenly stops to let his listeners and viewers to catch their breath. If you are afraid to get bored, we have good news for you: Tsunami RT is waiting for you the next weekend for the annual show in Mugello, on the "halfway" PCCI round. Of course, there will be no chance to get bored! Although we left Hungary, but playful and breathtaking Csárdás is still dinging in ears. It is the best music for races!