Porsche Festival in Misano is a long-awaited festivity that each Porsche Carrera Cup Italia participant would like to share with their friends. That is why also an idol of the Italian public, Formula 1 commentator Carlo Vanzini, joined two Tsunami RT drivers. The weekend was expected to be friendly and adventurous...



However, it became clear during free practices already that some malicious viruses can make alterations to the course of events without trying to take in the situation in the championship standings and without any esteem for the racers' achievements. Alex De Giacomi, cut off with these viruses, could not take to the wheel. Only Enrico Fulgenzi and Carlo Vanzini participated in the track practices.



#17 Enrico Fulgenzi: «It was a quite difficult free practice session. We didn't find the right car balance, and so we are far from the top of the standing. So now we have to work in order to find the perfect setup for the qualifying session. We have already understood where we need to improve, so now it's important to keep calm: we must do a good job during qualifying, because the points of Race 1 are fundamental for us».



#71 Carlo Vanzini: «It's a stunning experience! Today was quite difficult for me, because we were all on track at the same time and I didn't want to slow down other drivers, and my pace was not so good. The whole race weekend atmosphere, however, is simply wonderful: it's really interesting to analyze all datas, to understand where and how you can improve yourself, to do drivers' briefing...it's all amazing. I want to thank the whole Tsunami RT team, because they're all working in order to help me, and my only regret is to not have done more tests...alone. Now it's time to hit the track again for qualifying session, and so I'm really looking forward to be back in the car!»


Enrico passed the qualification perfectly, unlike some competitors conferred with penalty seconds. So, Fulgenzi got the third time result and the second row in the starting grid of Misano weekend night race.




#17 Enrico Fulgenzi: «Unfortunately we struggled a little bit too much even during qualifying session. We still haven't found the perfect balance for the car, so we are not so fast both on single laps both on race pace. Now we have to work again with the team in order to improve our speed, and due to the fact that I will start in front of Kujala and Iaquinta during Race 1 I will have the chance to close the gap with them in the championship's standing. These few hours before the start of the race will be fundamental for us, because we want to fight for victory».



#71 Carlo Vanzini: «It's absolutely an incredible and amazing experience. I have been faster than in the free practice session, so I'm quite satisfied with it. During qualifying, however, things got more complicated, and when everything is complicated you may stop to think about...simple things. This experience is simply amazing, and so I want to thank the whole Tsunami RT again because they're supporting me in every way».


During the race of Saturday the first fall-out happened even before the start, on the warm-up lap. Sadly for us, it was Carlo Vanzini: the virus reached him too!



#71 Carlo Vanzini: «Unfortunately this wasn't the Race 1 that we wanted: due to a illness I wasn't in perfect conditions this afternoon, and during the formation lap I immediately understood that I couldn't race as I would like to. We decided to retire the car, and I really hope to feel better for Race 2 on Sunday».


Only Enrico Fulgenzi left to uphold the honor of the team. Believe us, the show was worth of Porsche Festival!



In the very first turn Enrico tries to overrun Alberto Cerchi who shields himself expertly, but Patrick Kujala who also wants to the podium, better on the highest step, approaches from behind. Exchanging pleasantries continues until a safety car enters the track. It gives Enrico time to pull himself up and think over the tactics, and after the restart our driver makes a faery double overrun of Cerchi and Bertonelli and becomes the leader!



During the second half of the race neither viewers on the stand, nor the broadcasting cameras cannot lose a second of the astonishing duel of Fulgenzi as the leader and Kujala as the pursuer. Patrick attacks intensely, but Enrico is unrivaled in defense. Leaving the opponent no chance, the Tsunami RT rises on the highest step of the prizing podium! One for all!



#17 Enrico Fulgenzi: «What a race it was! I think that this could be one of my best victories, and it came after a race where I had to give it all. The crucial moment was the double overtake at "Quercia" turn, but it wasn't a simple race even after catching first place: Kujala was faster than us, so I had to try everything in order to keep him behind. We did an amazing work with all the Tsunami RT crew, and for us this is a fundamental victory: it gives a boost in the championship standing, and it comes after a quite complicated weekend. Now we have to focus on Race 2, because we want to catch another great result!»






On the second racing day Enrico Fulgenzi still remains the only operating driver in our team. All for one, worrying, supporting, setting the car and getting nervous. According to PCCI rules, the first six drivers start in the reverse order, and Enrico is on the sixth starting position. The start is unsuccessful, Fulgenzi loses two positions, and a safety car that has quickly appeared on the track is completely off the point for us. After the restart our driver wins back two positions, and a safety car appears again. Let Enrico start the real competition, OK?!



The plot of the race did not let us down. In the joy of numerous Porsche Festival viewers, there is a tough competition on the track for each position. The result is the 4th place of Enrico Fulgenzi, and the resolution on the champion's title is postponed, as the viewers wanted, to the final round.



#17 Enrico Fulgenzi: «This Race 2 was not so simple because we struggled a little bit more than yesterday evening, but although we didn't a perfect race we managed to get some important points. We arrive at the last round of this 2019 of Porsche Carrera Cup Italia with a 15 points gap from the leader, but if you think that those points were 48 before the round of Vallelunga you understand that for us everything is still possible. Now we have to focus on the last round, because in Monza we want to complete the comeback!»



Two finals are waiting for Tsunami RT, both in Monza. We start from GT Cup Open Europe in a little while, this week! Go for it! All together and all for one!