Sport cars don’t get bored during long winter evenings in the closed boxes of the racing teams. They are exchanging remarks, recalling the past season and the competitions they were participating together. Cars are iron subjects, so numbers are closer to them. Let’s talk about numbers, though...


We start small. The shortest race of the season of 2019 is the first Porsche Carrera Cup Italia race in Imola. Its participants managed to swim only 4 laps under a shower rain and drove for the prizes distributed according to the qualification results (there was the only option, as a safety car was plying on the track in front of the peloton!). Alex De Giacomi got in his collection the rare golden cup for the pole position in Michelin Cup there.



The first round in Monza, where the drivers had overpassed almost 197 km, became the longest PCCI race. The races of GT Cup Open Europe are twice as long, so the distance is longer too. That is why Tsunami RT and its competitors drove 306 km during one race in Silverstone.


The same Silverstone became the most twisted track: the drivers had to pass 936 turns there. Misano is the leader among the Italian tracks: 560 turns in one race, twice a season! Our drivers made 6959 turns in total, can you imagine?!



Monza appeared to be the most high-speed track: the average drivers’ speed was 182.3 km/h there (can you imagine?). By the way, Monza won in this category last year too, but the speed was lower!


The calmest autodrome was Hungaroring with the average drivers’ speed of 143 km/h (would you like to try it?).


The sportsmen appeared on the track under the shower rain five times in this season. It is not much of 26 races...



The final of GT Cup Open Europe season in Monza is acknowledged as the brightest finish, where Carlo and Lino Curti won the final race both in Pro-Am and in the overall classification! Do you remember this?


Tsunami RT won 8 gold, 10 silver and 4 bronze cups during the season of 2019. They participated in 2 complete racing series, 13 rounds, 26 races.



Yet another step in the team life is completed. It means that we begin to prepare ourselves for the new season with the nice number 2020. Can you hear the race cars talking in the boxes? They are waiting for new starts, and new victories, of course!