What is better than a prize cup brought from a racing weekend?
Several prize cups, of course!


We love large companies, especially on races. Misano appeared to be a perfect place for it, as it welcomed both the second Campionato Italiano Gran Turismo round and the first Porsche Carrera Cup Italia round on the same weekend.



That is why there were four racing cars in Tsunami RT paddock. However, we could not gather the full quorum: Lino Curti had to miss the round, so Carlo Curti had to struggle for both of them (let us remember that a CIGT race lasts 50 minutes, as distinct from PCCI).


Carlo did his best, but everything was complicated from the very beginning. Apart from the absence of a teammate, our driver received a notice from the first round in Monza, where Carlo had made a disappointing mistake and had pushed his competitor off the track. The incident cost Curti a loss of six positions on the starting grid of the first race.



It was not less complicated thereafter. “I was recovering pretty well when a Ferrari in front of me brake suddenly and I had to go out in order not to crash”, Carlo told after the first race. Our driver did everything possible not to finish the weekend earlier than expected, but he fairly admitted after the finish: “I'm more angry than tired! Podium would be guaranteed without this issue!”




There were difficulties also on the second day, it was Wet Race plate this time. When you start on slicks on a dry track, a warm summer rain does not cheer you at all.


"Not the weekend I expected, bad luck is chasing us from Monza!”, Carlo admitted. “Thanks to the team for the great work and let’s think about Imola!"


No matter how upset our driver was, he got 10 qualification points in Misano, which is 10 times more than we managed to get in Monza!


Meanwhile, many interesting things were happening in PCCI. The drivers missing the work they were passioned about were occupying the places on the starting grid and were participating in the qualifications. Alex De Giacomi took the pole position of Michelin Cup at the touch of a button, Gianmarco Quaresmini took his place in the first row, on the second position, but the young talent Giammarco Levorato had bad luck: he had a problem with the gearbox, and he became the 13th. Well, Giammarco’s competitors did not know what to expect at the race!



The long-awaited start of the first race of PCCI-2021 season was totally breathtaking! The pole position holder Alberto Cerchi was perfectly aware of the strong rival on the second position of the starting grid, and dashed from the start almost cutting Quarsemini, closing him the way for an overrun.


As there were not two, but of about thirty drivers at the start, Gianmarco lost his second position in this chaos. However, this maneuver was performed according to the rules, safely and perfectly, a real pleasure!



Then we had the possibility to enjoy an incredible breakthrough of Giammarco Levorato, who was taking the 11th... 8th... 6th... position. Meanwhile, there was a hot fight between Quarsemini and Simone Iaquinta. Add mysteriously shining and white-hot brake discs to this (it is an evening race!), bright lights, roar of motors, in general, it was a perfect Saturday evening!



Gianmarco Quaresmini was the third to drive under the checkered flag on the finish and got the bronze cup in the honor of the season opening!


Giammarco Levorato managed to preserve the sixth position in his first touring car race, won back seven positions and finished clearly... But that was not enough! When our young talent had finished, we understood that the sixth place was the pole position for tomorrow! What a debut, what a fairy scene!



Alex De Giacomi is the winner of Michelin Cup! Let us open the season with gold!





#32 Gianmarco Quaresmini: “The car was fantastic. I tried to win the race, but Cherque and Iaquinta closed the door. But today I’ll start in front of them and I have a chance to make a good race. Hope at least to get another podium and, maybe, win the race”.



#33 Giammarco Levorato: “The race was really amazing, it was my first race in a racing car and I am very satisfied. Today will certainly be not easy, but my goal is to do my race and get as much experience as possible! I hope that you enjoyed the race”.



The second race brings Tsunami RT two more cups: the silver cup of Gianmarco Quaresmini in the overall classification and the second gold of Alex De Giacomi in Michelin Cup. Giammarco Levorato finished the fifth. How cool they are!


#32 Gianmarco Quaresmini: “The car was great today. During the first 3 laps I tried to push for the first position, but made a mistake and had a contact with another guy. So I lost 5-6 positions and then with a very good pace I recovered and finished on the second place very close to the victory. I gained good points for the championship. Thanks to all the team!”



#33 Giammarco Levorato: “I am very happy with how the race went, we were fast and I gained a lot of experience. The car was extremely fast, thanks to the team!”



It is great to gather somewhere in Misano at the beginning of the summer, to see old friends and favorite competitors... And bring home a prize cup, or, even better, four cups! And wait for the next meeting. Where? Among the faerie Tuscany landscapes. See you in Mugello!