Porsche Carrera Cup Italia


Mechanics that are to reoperate a number of Porsches will remember the Porsche Carrera Cup round on the Roman track of Vallelunga. So, we are grateful to our Tsunami RT drivers that we are relieved from such a necessity!


During the qualifying Gianmarco Quaresmini and Alex De Giacomi got the second positions: Gianmarco – in the overall classification, and Alex – in Michelin Cup classification.


Gianmarco Quaresmini


#32 Gianmarco Quaresmini: "I'm very happy with the results of the qualifying, we got the first row. And another important thing is that my direct rivals in the championship, Cerqui and Giardelli, are on p4 and p5, so I'll start in front of them".


The start of the first race was quite rapid. In 25 seconds Gianmarco Quaresmini becomes the leader of the peloton with an elegant maneuver. This does not reduce the intensity of events: in 20 seconds our driver blocks a wheel in the turn, drives into the gravel and returns in the general peloton already behind Leonardo Caglioni and Aldo Festante, with his long-time competitor Alberto Cerchi tailgaiting.


Gianmarco Quaresmini


The next 27 minutes plus one lap were dedicated to the attempts of Cerchi to overrun Quaresmini and defensive maneuvers of Gianmarco. Anything can be happening around – collisions, U-turns, and our gruesome-twosome continues to drive together.


This close duet overruns Aldo Festante (he is so surprised that pushes Alessandro Giardelli off the track) and arrives to the finish, and both drivers are on the prize-winning podium: Quaresmini takes the silver medal in the overall classification.


There is one more podium for Alex De Giacomi, also silver, but in Michelin Cup classification.


Giammarco Levorato finishes on the ninth position.


Giammarco Levorato



#33 Giammarco Levorato: "I'm quite happy with the race, I had a good pace, but unfortunately, started badly and lost some time then. I will do my best to recover in tomorrow race".



Porsche Carrera Cup Italia


Recording of the live broadcast. Race 1


We were afraid that Cerchi had been glued to Quaresmini so tightly that the former would not leave him the following day. However, it turned out differently.


Porsche Carrera Cup Italia


Our driver tries to attack Alberto, however, there is a contact, Gianmarco flies off on the outer side and loses his position, and now he is the tenth. Well, Quaresmini can overrun very well. Probably, the result would be different if there was not a round dance of safety cars.


The first appearance of a safety car occurs already of about 6 minutes after the start, as the Porsche of Piergiacomo Randazzo has to be evacuated from the track.


Porsche Carrera Cup Italia


Green flags appear in 10 minutes. It took only 15 seconds for enthusiastic Giammarco Levorato to make a mistake and to fly off the track. Maybe there would have been no need of a safety car if Marco Cassara had not made an acrobatic fly-off with turnovers. The whole peloton was orderly following a safety car again...


The third appearance of a safety car occurs of about three till the end of the race: Leonardo Moncini breaks the front part of his car completely.


Despite the fact that the major part of the race occurs with overruns prohibited, Gianmarco Quaresmini manages to reach the fifth position. He is not satisfied, disappointed, but he is one of the Championship's leaders (he divides the first place with Alessandro Giardelli).

Giammarco Levorato is not aggrieved, but full of fighting enthusiasm.


Giammarco Levorato


#33 Giammarco Levorato: "It was a great race, the pace was excellent and we could play for the podium. Unfortunately I made a mistake because of unexperience that made me fall back in the standings. We have shown that we have great potential so we will certainly be ready for the next round in Franciacorta".


Alex De Giacomi


Alex De Giacomi managed to rejoice at the victory in Michelin Cup, however, the penalization for the breach of the restarting order after one of the safety cars made him concede the victory.


Porsche Carrera Cup Italia


Recording of the live broadcast. Race 2


However, there are two more rounds ahead, and the next one is on the unusual track of Franciacorta, which is new to Porsche Carrera Cup. Stay with us!