10. The drivers of Campionato Italiano Gran Turismo Sprint honestly rested all summer, from the first weekend of June. Finally, the moment came when they were allowed to enter the track, with the notice on the counterclockwise direction in Imola, though!


9. When one has not been driving a race Porsche for three months, there are a lot of things to recollect and to return to automatic mode. Fortunately, both Lino and Carlo Curti had the whole hour on the track to remember everything they needed.



Campionato Italiano Gran Turismo SPRINT 


Lino Curti: "FP was better than I expected! I am very happy to be back and I think we can have a good race".

Carlo Curti: "It hasn’t been that bad. We both like Imola, we are still trying to remove some rust. But we are looking for the race!"


8. On Saturday morning, as scheduled, there was the time to distribute positions on the starting grid for both races. On Saturday Lino was to start from the fifth position in his class (then he had to shift with Carlo), and on Sunday it was Carlo to start the race from the fourth position in his class and to give his driver’s place to his brother in the middle of the race.


Carlo Curti: "I’m quite happy for the position, but not for my lap because I always found traffic in the last sector. Now focus on race 1!"

Lino Curti: "Me too quite happy! I think I did a good lap… We are waiting for the start!"


7. Curti brothers waited till the start, Lino, to be precise. Let’s get it started!



Campionato Italiano Gran Turismo SPRINT


6. It was time to shift drivers in half an hour approximately. Lino enters the pit lane, the junior Curti, Carlo, gets behind the wheel. The team thoroughly monitors for the driver not to leave the pit lane even a second earlier that the time defined by the rules.


5. Everything was going completely smoothly... But four minutes till the finish of the race Carlo Curti suddenly found himself... stuck tight in the gravel outside the track!


“I did not even understand what had happened, I just pushed the brake pedal, the car turned around, and I flew into the wall”, Carlo told perplexedly after the race. 


4. The finish of the first race of the weekend passed under the yellow flag... However, we truly believe that this bad luck will end sooner or later.


3. Here the Sunday race comes. Carlo starts it and wants to fix everything. He drives immaculately, accurately, but fast, fast!


Campionato Italiano Gran Turismo SPRINT


2. Having done a perfect job in his half of the race, Carlo passes the control to Lino.


1. And senior Curti flawlessly drives the car to the finish... And to the...


Podium! Finally, we get the bronze, the prize cup and happy drivers’ faces! We were waiting for this moment so much!



Campionato Italiano Gran Turismo SPRINT


Carlo Curti: "Yes, we are really happy! The track was a bit dirty, but we found the right pace, so we managed to the end finally back on the podium! Thanks very much to the team because they really made it happen!"


The happy team is already getting ready to the relocation to Vallelunga, where the next Porsche Carrera Cup Italia round is waiting for us. Brothers Curti will have to compete for the qualification points of Campionato Italiano Gran Turismo Sprint in Mugello at the beginning of October...


Anyway, we have a lot of interesting events ahead! Stay with us!