We open a new rubric – "X-Files". The best aces in their field – drivers, mechanics, engineers, managers – will share their secrets here. Every Thursday you may ask your questions to Tsunami RT team members on our Facebook page, and we will answer the more interesting ones. Everything you would like to know about the races but have hesitated to ask is in our "Secret files" rubric.


Today we present you a secret from our driver Oleksandr Gaidai who can drive best on the slick on the absolutely wet track. How does he do that?




O. Gaidai: "You should be very attentive driving on the slick on the wet asphalt not to miss the moment when the track begins to dry. So, pay attention not only to the color of the covering but also to its profile and moving clouds. The clouds help you to understand the wind presence and speed, therefore you will be able to predict when the track became better.


The second moment is that you have to have a hot slick to drive on it on the wet track. It is impossible to drive on the cold slick, I tried but I failed. However, it is possible when it is hot. Slick does not cool when it touches a puddle, the asphalt is rather warm under the rain in summer. That's why you can reach the tire temperature over 40 C. The higher is the temperature, the better is the adherence, even on a wet road.


The third factor is that you have to watch where you drive. Choose neither wet nor dry classical trajectory. Drive where it is dry on a wet track.".



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